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Italian Pork Sausage (Mild)

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Casanova’s Italian sausage is a family tradition hailing from our butcher shop days. This delicious sausage boasts the perfect blend of herbs and spices and is a well-kept New York secret. Add it to any of your dishes and watch as people keep asking for more. Our sausage comes with a natural casing on the outside for a nice and crisp bite, and on the inside we feature only lean meat and back fat, removing all undesirable parts of the hog. We’ve also gone to great lengths to ensure that our sausage is minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. This way, you can feel good serving this sausage to those you care about, and they can feel good about eating it too. We recommend cooking our sausage on low heat to start and crisping them at the end to prevent the casing from exploding or drying out. Taste the Casanova difference and enjoy our family tradition in every bite.